Self-healing by Meditational Focus – the affirmations.



Healing Affirmations for “meditational focus”.

How to formulate a specific affirmation for healing:

1. Visualize the afflicted part of the body relating to one affliction.

2. Remember the inherent perfection of the body.

3. Remember that all imperfections are self-created.

4. Determine specifically what you want to achieve.

5. For the affirmation start with the Truth i.e. that the part or parts are inherently perfect; as you are perfect.

6. Meditational Focus –

[a] Prepare yourself as you would for meditation but instead of meditating close your eyes and visualise the specific part of your body.

[b] Affirm the inherent perfection of the body.

[c] As in Note 1 formulate an affirmation and repeat it as many times as you are comfortable with but do not force the healing mentally.

[d] Be in the “now” as that is where the healing takes effect.

7. Adopt a positive attitude to signs of healing.

8. Put aside ments (thoughts) of what will or will not happen.

9. Do not doubt – just do!

Note 1.

Ref. 6 [b] & [c] here is an example – say for the eyes:

‘As this body is perfect, these eyes are perfect.

These eyes are perfect, so I eliminate the cause* and symptoms of the imperfection/s in them.’

Other examples: Lungs, bone/s, valves, sphincter muscle/s, mouth part/s. Let’s say you wanted to cure something in the lungs; your affirmation would be something like this, ‘These lungs are perfect as I am perfect and this body is perfect, so I eliminate the cause of any imperfections.’ And pinpoint the area if you can.

[*When affirming this try to take your focus “behind” the eyes and away to the place in the mind where the cause is; to the place in the mind where lies the imperfection that is the cause of the physical imperfection. Remember that it is the mind that is the primary cause of all dis-ease]

{ Provided that you understand the moul you may also use this ‘As this body is perfect these eyes are perfect, so from this moul (mind/soul) I eliminate the cause/s of the imperfection/s in them.’

Subnote: In effect, this affirmation simultaneously eliminates the causes in the mind and body.

{If you do not understand the moul read about “soul”, “moul” and “mind” in The ‘Quo Vadis?’ File III.}

Note 2. If you feel like visualizing an action like using a brush on the organ or area concerned, or a cloth on a sheet of glass representing the mind, and thereby either brushing away, or wiping clean, the imperfection/s, feel free to do so.

Note 3. It is possible that you feel a mild sensation in the organ or area you are healing. This is a positive sign.

I would like to say this about the sensation:

As soon as I affirm the perfection of ‘this body’ a significant sensation starts in my head [perhaps in my 7th. chakra] and flows down my body in a wave to my feet. Then, when I affirm the perfection of the organ or area of my body on which I am focussing I feel a similar, but static, sensation there.

Interestingly†, when I once did some healing on the rear neck/shoulder area of a neighbour who had fallen and was bruised in many places and asked her how it felt, she said it had felt good but the sensation had slid down her back to the lower back. A couple of weeks or so later she had to go to her doctor because of pain and they found a large blood clot in the small of her back they had not known about before – but the healing done by me knew about it and went to where it was needed most! Marvelous!!

† Isn’t life interesting!

Note 4.

There is no permanent quick fix or silver bullet; you have taken a long time to cause your imperfections, even those apparently caused by “accidents”, so healing usually takes time. Be patient!

To understand the inherent perfection of the body you may have to read or refer to my book The Milk Is White. [See] but, put simply: the body was created perfect – “in the image of” the Great Spirit and since then we made it imperfect and are now in the process of returning it to its pristine perfection.

Note 5.

It is to be expected that your “state of being” (i.e. level of vibration, attitude, mentality, state of mind) influences the efficacy of your self-healing and some of the factors contributing to an elevated “state of being” self healing are general attitude, diet, way of living, way of life and spiritual awareness. The more positive the “state of being” the less hindrance there is to the positive action of self healing.

See The Body – Its Making in The ‘Quo Vadis?’ File III p 112.

Note 6.

I have cured myself of the supposedly incurable conditions of psoriasis and silicosis, of the symptoms of severe damage to cervical vertebrae 5, 6 and 7, where surgical fusion of the vertebrae was suggested, and contained for some four years a cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) on my tongue so that, when it was finally removed in March 2006, no follow up nor chemo therapy or radio therapy were required. In regard to the cancer both the doctors and my dental surgeon were surprised and impressed by my control of the cancer. I have also effectively used this self-healing on a number of relatively minor ailments.

Addition 2011.

Below is an advance on what I have suggested before.

Remember:  The cause is in the mind, or moul.

Optional affirmation.

As I created this body I now create it free of the cause and effects which manifest as . . . . . . . . (a) . . . . . . .  in this . . . . . .  (b) . . . . . . .

(a) = discomfort, pain etc. or specify an illness.

(b) = leg, knee, stomach, area, entire body – as the case may be.

Of all the options given use whichever one you are comfortable with as it is best that you understand, and are able to visualise, your affirmation.

The wording of an affirmation: 

This is not critical because what matters is what one visualises and, if the visualisation is focussed, there can be no error.

❈  ❈  ❈  ❈  ❈  ❈  ❈  ❈  ❈  ❈



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